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   New, Reconditioned and Sold as Seen Industrial Boilers  

Below is a list of currently available New, Reconditioned, and Sold as Seen:


This list was last updated 26 October 2021

If you would like further information on any of them, please e-mail us the reference numbers,
together with your full company name, address, contact name and telephone number.
We will then arrange for a full specification and quote to be sent to you.

If the boiler you require is not listed we will try and find it for you.


Ref. No. Make Year Output lbs. (kgs) Pressure psi (bar) Fuel Burner
1/10/21/A02Fulton EP24 (2 off) 199080lbs (36)150 psi (10)Electric
2/10/21/A02Fulton EP24 (2 off) 198580lbs (36)150 psi (10)Electric
3/10/21/A07Maxi 24KW NEW80lbs (36)150 psi (10)Electric
4/10/21/A15NZ Energy Systems 30-200KW (ex New Zealand) NEW105-700lbs (47-316)150 psi (10)Electric
5/10/21/A08Fulton EP45 1994150lbs (68)150 psi (10)Electric
6/10/21/A02Fulton EFS481996170lbs (77)150 psi (10)Electric
7/10/21/A07Maxi 60KW (4 off)NEW210lbs (96)150 psi (10)Electric
8/10/21/A01Fulton EP601998210lbs (96)165 psi (11)Electric
9/10/21/A06Fulton 1992210lbs (96)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
10/10/21/A06Fulton 1995210lbs (96)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
11/10/21/A04Fulton 1993210lbs (96)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
12/10/21/A08Fulton 1991210lbs (96)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
13/10/21/A08Fulton 1997210lbs (96)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
14/10/21/A08Fulton 1992210lbs (96)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
15/10/21/A02Fulton 1982210lbs (96)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
16/10/21/A02Fulton 2005210lbs (96)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
17/10/21/A06Fulton EP70 1995235lbs (106)150 psi (10)Electric
18/10/21/A02Fulton DRG72 2005240lbs (108)168 psi (11.2)Electric
19/10/21/A03HVE Thermoduct 72KW (stand-alone, skid mounted or containerised) 1987252lbs (114)150 psi (10)Electric
20/10/21/A08Fulton 1990280lbs (128)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
21/10/21/A06Fulton 1998280lbs (128)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
22/10/21/A06Fulton 1991280lbs (128)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
23/10/21/A08Fulton 1989280lbs (128)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
24/10/21/A40Clayton1993346lbs (157)150 psi (10)Gas
25/10/21/A02Fulton 1994350lbs (160)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
26/10/21/A06Fulton 1989350lbs (160)125 psi (8.3)OilFulton
27/10/21/A07Controlled Flame 4VT Slim Jim NEW350lbs (160)150 psi (10)As required
28/10/21/A06Fulton 1998350lbs (160)150 psi (10)GasFulton
29/10/21/A06Fulton 1999350lbs (160)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
30/10/21/A06Fulton 1990350lbs (160)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
31/10/21/A06Fulton 1975350lbs (160)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
32/10/21/A06Fulton 2003350lbs (160)150 psi (10)GasFulton
33/10/21/A08Fulton 1994350lbs (160)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
34/10/21/A03Fulton (stand-alone, skid-mounted or containerised) 1997350lbs (160)125 psi (8.3)Gas or OilFulton
35/10/21/A03Fulton (stand-alone, skid-mounted or containerised) 1998350lbs (160)125 psi (8.3)OilFulton
36/10/21/A08Fulton 1989350lbs (160)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
37/10/21/A08Fulton 1992350lbs (160)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
38/10/21/A08Fulton 2003350lbs (160)150 psi (10)GasFulton
39/10/21/A08Fulton 1974350lbs (160)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
40/10/21/A08Controlled Flame 4VT1992350lbs (160) 150 psi (10)Gas
41/10/21/A07Ross Combi (120KW) NEW420lbs (192)150 psi (10)Electric
42/10/21/A38Certuss Junior 200 2011443lbs (200)127.5 psi (8.5)OilCertuss
43/10/21/A03Byworth 1999500lbs (226)150 psi (10)Gas
44/10/21/A06Clayton 2006520lbs (235)150 psi (10)Gas
45/10/21/A02Fulton1988525lbs (240)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
46/10/21/A01Fulton1984525lbs (240)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
48/10/21/A04Fulton1985525lbs (240)150 psi (10)GasFulton
49/10/21/A03Fulton (c/w ins. cert, stand-alone, skid mounted or containerised)1989525lbs (240)125 psi (8.3)OilFulton
50/10/21/A02Fulton1990525lbs (240)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
51/10/21/A08Fulton1981525lbs (240)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
52/10/21/A21Controlled Flame 4VT1996525lbs (240)150 psi (10)Gas
53/10/21/A07Controlled Flame 4VTNEW525lbs (240)150 psi (10)As required
53a/10/21/A01Byworth MXA250-342013550lbs (250)150 psi (10)OilNu-Way
54/10/21/A15Anderson (ex New Zealand)1974600lbs (271)Oil
55/10/21/A02Bradlee1986700lbs (320) 105 psi (7)As required
56/10/21/A15NZ Energy Systems 200-620KW (ex New Zealand) NEW700-2170lbs (316-980)150 psi (10)Electric
57/10/21/A02Bradlee1980700lbs (320) 105 psi (7)As required
58/10/21/A02Fulton2000700lbs (320) 125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
59/10/21/A25Fulton1997700lbs (320) 125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
60/10/21/A08Fulton1991700lbs (320) 125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
60a/10/21/A03Fulton (c/w ins. cert, stand-alone, skid mounted or containerised)2001700lbs (320) 150 psi (0)As reqioredFulton
62/10/21/A03Thermintus (c/w ins. cert, stand alone,skid mounted or containerised)2007728lbs (329) 133.5 psi (8.9)Gas
63/10/21/A02Byworth MXA50020031,000lbs (454)100 psi (6.6)Oil
64/10/21/A01Robey Lindum19871,000lbs (454)150 psi (10)Gas
65/10/21/A01Robey19891,000lbs (454)100 psi (6.6)OilAB Bentone
66/10/21/A02Cochran Borderer20031,000lbs (454)165 psi (11)Gas
67/10/21/A01Fulton19841,050lbs (480)150 psi (10)GasFulton
68/10/21/A06Controlled Flame 4VT (2 off)19981,050lbs (480)150 psi (10)Gas
69/10/21/A08Controlled Flame 4VT19981,050lbs (480)150 psi (10)Gas
70/10/21/A01Fulton19861,050lbs (480)125 psi (8.3)OilFulton
71/10/21/A06Fulton19921,050lbs (480)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
72/10/21/A06Fulton20071,050lbs (480)150 psi (10)OilFulton
73/10/21/A06Fulton20101,050lbs (480)150 psi (10)GasFulton
75/10/21/A06Fulton (2 off)20031,050lbs (480)150 psi (10)GasFulton
76/10/21/A04Fulton (skid mounted)20121,050lbs (480)150 psi (10)Oil or GasFulton
77/10/21/A08Fulton20051,050lbs (480)150 psi (10)GasFulton
78/10/21/A04Fulton19991,050lbs (480)125 psi (8.3)Oil or GasFulton
79/10/21/A02Fulton19901,050lbs (480)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
80/10/21/A01Fulton19921,050lbs (480)125 psi (8.3)GasFulton
81/10/21/A07Controlled Flame 4VTNEW1,050lbs (480)150 psi (10)As required
82/10/21/A02Fulton19951,050lbs (480)125 psi (8.3)Gas
83/10/21/A01Fulton19931,050lbs (480)125 psi (8.3)Gas
84/10/21/A03Fulton (c/w ins. cert,stand-alone, skid mounted or containerised)20101,050lbs (480)150 psi (10)As required
85/10/21/A15Anderson (ex New Zealand) 19731,200lbs (542)150 psi (10)Gas
86/10/21/A15East Coast Steam (ex New Zealand) 19971,200lbs (542)150 psi (10)Gas
87/10/21/A17Wellman Robey Waste Heat Shell NEW1,439lbs (650)150 psi (10)
88/10/21/A02Cochran Borderer 20071,500lbs (677)150 psi (10)As reqsuired
89/10/21/A02Fulton19951,750lbs (800)150 psi (10)OilFulton
90/10/21/A04Fulton19961,750lbs (800)150 psi (10)Oil or GasFulton
91/10/21/A04Controlled Flame20081,750lbs (800)150 psi (10)Gas
92/10/21/A13Hurst (ex USA)20011,750lbs (800)150 psi (10)Gas
93/10/21/A14Precision (ex USA)NEW1,750lbs (800)150 psi (10)Electric
94/10/21/A02Fulton (2 off)20051,750lbs (800)150 psi (10)Dual FuelFulton
95/10/21/A03Fulton (2 off c/w ins. cert, containerised)20041,750lbs (800)150 psi (10)Dual FuelFulton
96/10/21/A04Bradlee19842,000lbs (908)150 psi (10)Gas
97/10/21/A02Byworth SX19932,000lbs (908)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
98/10/21/A02Cochran Borderer19942,000lbs (908)165 psi (11)Oil
99/10/21/A02Cochran Borderer19932,000lbs (908)150 psi (10)As required
100/10/21/A09Controlled Flame (horizontal)19922,000lbs (908)150 psi (10)Gas
101/10/21/A07Controlled Flame 4VT NEW2,100lbs (960)150 psi (10)As required
102/10/21/A07Controlled Flame 4VT 20152,100lbs (960)150 psi (10)As required
103/10/21/A25Controlled Flame c/w ancidllary equipment 20192,100lbs (960)150 psi (10)Gas
106/10/21/A03Fulton (c/w ins. cert, stand alone, containerised or skid mounted) 20022,100lbs (960)150 psi (10)OilFulton
107/10/21/A01Fulton 20002,100lbs (960)162 psi (11.2)GasFulton
108/10/21/A01Fulton 20012,100lbs (960)162 psi (11.2)GasFulton
109/10/21/A02Fulton 20042,100lbs (960)162 psi (11.2)GasFulton
110/10/21/A08Fulton 19932,100lbs (960)150 psi (10)GasFulton
112/10/21/A25Byworth 20062,214lbs (1000)150 psi (10)Oil
113/10/21/A05Senior Thermal 134 Steampacket (2 off) 19922,214lbs (1000)150 psi (10)GasRiello
114/10/21/A05Ivar 20142,214lbs (1000)150 psi (10)OilRiello
115/10/21/A04Cochran Wee Chieftain19952,400lbs (1084)150psi (10)GasCochran
116/10/21/A02Cochran Wee Chieftain19852,470lbs (1121)150 psi (10)As required
117/10/21/A15Scotts Eng. (ex New Zealand)19702,500lbs (1129)Gas
118/10/21/A15Scotts Eng. (ex New Zealand)19842,500lbs (1129)Oil
119/10/21/A02Cochran Borderer19942,500lbs (1129)105 psi (7)As required
120/10/21/A02Cochran Borderer19972,500lbs (1129)105 psi (7)As required
121/10/21/A01Beel Minster 19952,500lbs (1129)150 psi (10)GasHamworthy
122/10/21/A01Beel Minster 19982,500lbs (1129)150 psi (10)GasHamworthy
123/10/21/A01Byworth SX 2500 19802,500lbs (1129)100 psi (6.6)OilNu-Way
124/10/21/A04Byworth SA 19942,500lbs (1129)100 psi (6.6)Gas
125/10/21/A13Superior (ex USA) 19962,800lbs (1265)150 psi (10)Gas
126/10/21/A02Cochran Borderer 19933,000lbs (1361)105 psi (7)Gas
127/10/21/A02Cochran Borderer 19943,000lbs (1361)105 psi (7)Oil
128/10/21/A02Cochran Borderer 19983,000lbs (1361)120 psi (8)As required
129/10/21/A02Cochran Borderer 20083,000lbs (1361)105 psi (7)Gas
130/10/21/A01Byworth 19953,306lbs (1500)150 psi (10)GasDunphy
131/10/21/A03Byworth (containerised) 19953,306lbs (1500)155 psi (10.3)As required
132/10/21/A05Cochran Wee Chieftain 20043,306lbs (1500)165 psi (11)Oil
133/10/21/A02Cochran Borderer20033,400lbs (1536)165 psi (11)Gas
134/10/21/A01Fulton RB-100A20043,414lbs (1542)165 psi (11)OilNu-way
135/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks (ex USA)19863,500lbs (1588)150 psi (10) Gas
136/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks (ex USA)19983,500lbs (1588)150 psi (10) Gas
137/10/21/A02Cochran Wee Chieftain19933,500lbs (1588)150 psi (10) Gas
138/10/21/A02Cochran Borderer20013,500lbs (1588)150 psi (10) Gas
139/10/21/A02Cochran Borderer20013,500lbs (1588)150 psi (10) As required
140/10/21/A17Controlled Flame 4VT19933,500lbs (1588)150 psi (10) GasGP
141/10/21/A01Robey Lindum19863,500lbs (1588)150 psi (10) Gas
142/10/21/A17Controlled Flame19933,542lbs (1600)150 psi (10) GasNu-Way
144/10/21/A04Cochran Wee Chieftain20004,000lbs (1815)150 psi (10)GasNu-Way
145/10/21/A15Steampac (ex New Zealand)4,000lbs (1815)150 psi (10)Gas
146/10/21/A15Scotts (ex New Zealand)20004,000lbs (1815)150 psi (10)Gas
147/10/21/A13Cyclotherm (ex USA)19894,200lbs (1897)150 psi (10)Oil
148/10/21/A13Lattner (ex USA)19974,375lbs (1976)165 psi (11)Gas
149/10/21/A13Lattner (ex USA)19974,375lbs (1976)165 psi (11)Gas
150/10/21/A04Cochran Wee Chieftain 19874,400lbs (1996)360 psi (24)Gas
151/10/21/A02Cochran Wee Chieftain 20024,400lbs (1996)165 psi (11)Oil
152/10/21/A04Cochran Wee Chieftain 20054,400lbs (1996)150 psi (10)Gas
153/10/21/A04Byworth (mobile boilerhouse) 20034,400lbs (1996)150 psi (10)Gas
154/10/21/A04Cochran (containerised, 2 off) 20074,408lbs (2000)150 psi (10)Gas
155/10/21/A04Cochran Wee Chieftain 19974,408lbs (2000)150 psi (10)GasT.C.
156/10/21/A25Certuss 20024,408lbs (2000)240 psi (16)Gas
157/10/21/A17Fulton 20084,408lbs (2000)172 psi (11.5)GasNu-Way
157a/10/21/A103Fulton 20034,408lbs (2000)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
157b/10/21/A03Cochran Wee Chieftain 20024,408lbs (2000)150 psi (10)Oil
158/10/21/A17Robey Allen Ygnis (2 off) 20084,650lbs (2100)150 psi (10)Dual FuelNu-Way
159/10/21/A02Cochran Wee Chieftain 19794,938lbs (2230)124 psi (8.27)As required
160/10/21/A15Ten Horn (ex New Zealand) 19814,944lbs (2233)Gas
161/10/21/A02Cochran Borderer19885,000lbs (2269)105 psi (7)As required
162/10/21/A02Cochran Wee Chieftain19815,000lbs (2269)150 psi (10)As required
163/10/21/A09Allen Ygnis19805,000lbs (2269)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
164/10/21/A02Cochran Borderer (2 off)20085,000lbs (2269)105 psi (7)As required
165/10/21/A02Cradley Steampacket19875,000lbs (2269)150 psi (10)As required
166/10/21/A13York Shipley/Aesys ( ex USA) 19975,250lbs (2371)150 psi (10)Gas
167/10/21/A13Johnston ( ex USA) 19905,250lbs (2371)350 psi (23.3)Gas
168/10/21/A13Vapor ( 3 off ex USA) 19805,250lbs (2371)1000 psi (66.6)Dual Fuel
169/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks ( ex USA) 19895,250lbs (2371)150 psi (10)Gas
170/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks ( ex USA) 19945,250lbs (2371)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
171/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks ( ex USA) 19765,250lbs (2371)150 psi (10)Gas
172/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks ( ex USA) 19825,250lbs (2371)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
173/10/21/A13Fulton ( ex USA) 20095,250lbs (2371)150 psi (10)Gas
174/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks ( ex USA) 19835,250lbs (2371)250 psi (16.6)Dual Fuel
175/10/21/A02 Cochran Wee Chieftain19835,500lbs (2484)105 psi (7)As required
176/10/21/A02Byworth MXA (2 off)20045,500lbs (2484)100 psi (6.6)As required
177/10/21/A01Robey European19985,510lbs (2488)350 psi (24)GasDunphy
178/10/21/A03Robey Loos20045,756lbs (2600)195 psi (13)As required
179/10/21/A01Robey Lincoln19886,000lbs (2722)150 psi (10)OilSaacke
180/10/21/A01Byworth19866,000lbs (2722)150 psi (10)Dual FuelWeisaupt
181/10/21/A01Robey Lincoln19896,000lbs (2722)150 psi (10)Gas
182/10/21/A01Beel Minster19946,000lbs (2722)150 psi (10)Dual FuelNu-Way
183/10/21/A17Beel Minster19966,000lbs (2722)150 psi (10)GasHamworthy
184/10/21/A02Robey Imp19866,000lbs (2722)165 psi (11)As required
185/10/21/A01Cochran Wee Chieftain19806,000lbs (2722)150 psi (10)No burner
186/10/21/A01Robey Imp19926,000lbs (2722)150 psi (10)GasDunphy
187/10/21/A04Cochran Wee Chieftain 19906,418lbs (2800)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
188/10/21/A05Fulton (2 off in boilerhouse) 20066,600lbs (3,300lbs each) (3000 - 1500kgs each)168 psi (11.2)Gas
189/10/21/A04Beel Minster c/w heat exchanger 19946,600lbs (3000)100 psi (6.6)Dual Fuel
190/10/21/A18Byworth Yorkshireman 20016,600lbs (3000)150 psi (10)Gas
191/10/21/A04Beel Minster 19996,600lbs (3000)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
192/10/21/A04Byworth 1999 (burner 2008)6,600lbs (3000)150 psi (10)GasRatio Tronic
193/10/21/A02Cochran Wee Chieftain19907,000lbs (3176)120 psi (8)As required
194/10/21/A13Kewanee (ex USA)19927,000lbs (3176)150 psi (10)Gas
195/10/21/A14Superior (ex USA)NEW7,000lbs (3176)200 psi (13.3)Gas
196/10/21/A14Superior (ex USA)NEW7,000lbs (3176)150 psi (10)Gas
197/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks (ex USA)19967,000lbs (3176)150 psi (10)Gas
198/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks (3 off ex USA)19777,000lbs (3176)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
199/10/21/A17Loos20007,085lbs (3200)150 psi (10)Dual FuelWeisaupt
200/10/21/A04Fulton20167,528lbs (3400)150 psi (10)Gas
201/10/21/A03Cochran Minster (c/w ins. cert. & 5 yr. NDT)20047,700lbs (3478)165 psi (11)Gas
202/10/21/A02Cochran Wee Chieftain (3 off)19987,700lbs (3478)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
203/10/21/A04Cochran Wee Chieftain 20077,700lbs (3478)150 psi (10)Gas
204/10/21/A01Cochran 19877,830lbs (3500)150 psi (10)GasNu-Way
205/10/21/A01Cochran Wee Chieftain 19807,830lbs (3500)150 psi (10)GasNu-Way
206/10/21/A03Hartley & Sugden (c/w ins. cert. & 5 yr. NDT) 19957,830lbs (3500)165 psi (11)Gas, LPG or Oil
207/10/21/A17Senior Green Steam Packet 7,970lbs (3600)150 psi (10)Gas
208/10/21/A01Allen Ygnis19848,000lbs (3613)150 psi (10)OilDunphy
209/10/21/A02Beel Minster19928,000lbs (3613)105 psi (7)Dual Fuel (Heavy Oil/Gas)
210/10/21/A01Beel Minster19958,000lbs (3613)150 psi (10)GasHamworthy
211/10/21/A02Cohran Borderer19988,000lbs (3613)150 psi (10)As required
212/10/21/A03Cohran Borderer (containerised c/w ins. cert. & 5 yr. NDT)19988,000lbs (3613)165 psi (11)Dual Fuel
213/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks (ex USA)19818,750lbs (3952)150 psi (10)Gas
214/10/21/A13Superior (ex USA)19888,750lbs (3952)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
215/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks (ex USA)19818,750lbs (3952)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
216/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks (ex USA)19828,750lbs (3952)150 psi (10)Gas
217/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks (ex USA)19798,750lbs (3952)200 psi (13.3)Dual Fuel
218/10/21/A13York Shipley (2 off ex USA)1991, 19928,750lbs (3952)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
219/10/21/A13Superior (ex USA)19888,750lbs (3952)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
220/10/21/A02Cochran Wee Chieftain19858,820lbs (3984)150 psi (10)As required
221/10/21/A04Cochran Wee Chieftain19928,856lbs (4000)150 psi (10)Dual FuelTC
222/10/21/A17Cochran Thermax20148,856lbs (4000)150 psi (10)Gas, LPGGP
223/10/21/A17Robey Lincoln20048,856lbs (4000)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel (HFO/Gas)Hamworthy
224/10/21/A01Robey Lincoln19899,000lbs (4065)150 psi (10)GasDunphy
225/10/21/A17Hartley & Sugden (2 off)20059,000lbs (4065)150 psi (10)GasDunphy
226/10/21/A04Babcock Wanson20059,000lbs (4065)225 psi (15)Dual FuelRiello
227/10/21/A01Cochran Wee Chieftain20039,628lbs (4366)160 psi (10.6)GasDunphy
228/10/21/A04Beel Minster (2 off c/w heat exchanger)19949,742lbs (4400)100 psi (6.6)Dual Fuel
229/10/21/A02Cochran Thermax19899,920lbs (4480)150 psi (10)As required
230/10/21/A02Cochran Thermax19809,920lbs (4480)255 psi (17)As required
231/10/21/A01Cochran Thermax19809,920lbs (4480)250 psi (16.6)Dual FuelSaacke
232/10/21/A17Hartley & Sugden20059,963lbs (4500)150 psi (10)GasDunphy
233/10/21/A01Robey Lincoln1987 (burner 2006)10,000lbs (4537)150 psi (10)Dual FuelSaacke
234/10/21/A04Fulton200410,000lbs (4537)150 psi (10)Gas
235/10/21/A04Byworth200210,000lbs (4537)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
236/10/21/A01Beel Minster200010,000lbs (4537)150 psi (10)GasHamworthy
237/10/21/A04Robey199310,000lbs (4537)150 psi (10)Gas
238/10/21/A04Cochran Wee Chieftain (trailer mounted boilerhouse)198510,000lbs (4537)150 psi (10)Oil
239/10/21/A04Cochran Wee Chieftain198810,000lbs (4537)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
240/10/21/A04Beel199010,000lbs (4537)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
241/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks (ex USA)198110,500lbs (4742)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
242/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks (2 off ex USA)1989, 197710,500lbs (4742)200 psi (13.3)Dual Fuel
243/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks (ex USA)197510,500lbs (4742)150 psi (10)Oil
244/10/21/A01Cochran Wee Chieftain200410,700lbs (4833)160 psi (10)GasCochran TC
245/10/21/A02Cochran Wee Chieftain200111,000lbs (4968)150 psi (10.6)Dual Fuel
246/10/21/A01Byworth Yorkshireman200311,023lbs (5000)150 psi (10.6)GasHamworthy
247/10/21/A02Cochran Multipac197712,000lbs (5444)145 psi (9.6)Oil
248/10/21/A15Anderson (ex New Zealand197312,000lbs (5444)260 psi (17.3)Oil
249/10/21/A04Allen Ygnis (2 off)199512,000lbs (5444)150 psi (10)GasNu-Way
250/10/21/A04Beel (2 off)199812,177lbs (5500)202 psi (13.5)Gas
251/10/21/A14Superior (ex-USA)NEW12,250lbs (5533)250 psi (16.6)Dual Fuel
252/10/21/A14Cleaver-Brooks (ex-USA)199612,250lbs (5533)200 psi (13.3)Dual Fuel
253/10/21/A01Cochran Thermax (2 off)199813,117lbs (5950)154 psi (10.6)GasSaacke
254/10/21/A03Byworth (trailerised)200613,284lbs (6000)195 psi (13)Gas
255/10/21/A04Cochran Thermax (3 off)200413,500lbs (6098)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
256/10/21/A04Cochran Thermax c/w economiser200413,727lbs (6200)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
257/10/21/A04Cochran Thermax200413,727lbs (6200)150 psi (10)Dual FuelHamworthy
258/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks (ex USA)197214,000lbs (6323)150 psi (10)Oil
259/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks (ex USA)199314,000lbs (6323)150 psi (10)Oil
260/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks (ex USA)199214,000lbs (6323)150 psi (10)Gas
261/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks (ex USA)199614,000lbs (6323)150 psi (10)Gas
262/10/21/A01Robey Lincoln199015,000lbs (6806)150 psi (10) Dual FuelSaacke
263/10/21/A04Beel199815,000lbs (6806)150 psi (10) Dual FuelGP (new)
264/10/21/A17Beel Minster199415,000lbs (6806)180 psi (12)GasHamworthy
265/10/21/A03Beel Minster199915,000lbs (6806)150 psi (10)Gas
267/10/21/A17Wellman Robey200815,434lbs (6971)250 psi (16.6) Dual FuelDunphy
268/10/21/A04Cochran Thermax c/w economiser200415,498lbs (7000)150 psi (10) Dual Fuel
269/10/21/A01Cochran Thermax200315,537lbs (7056)263 psi (18.15) Dual Fuel
270/10/21/A01Wellman Robey199716,000lbs (7257)150 psi (10)OilSaacke
271/10/21/A17Cochran Thermax198616,100lbs (7272)150 psi (10) Dual FuelHamworthy
272/10/21/A14Superior (ex USA)NEW16,625lbs (7509)150 psi (10) Gas
273/10/21/A15Scotts (2 off ex New Zealand)17,000lbs (7678)150 psi (10) Gas
274/10/21/A04Cochran Thermax (2 off)200417,048lbs (7700)150 psi (10) Dual Fuelhamworthy
275/10/21/A13Johnston (ex USA)197717,500lbs (7904)200 psi (13.3) Dual Fuel
276/10/21/A14Cleaver Brooks (ex USA)200317,500lbs (7904)250 psi (16.6)Dual Fuel
277/10/21/A17Robey Loos200917,712lbs (8000)150 psi (10)GasSaacke
278/10/21/A17Wellman Robey200817,712lbs (8000)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
279/10/21/A01Cochran Thermax200418,445lbs (8365)262 psi (18.15)TallowSaacke
280/10/21/A04Robey Loos200618,700lbs (8800)150 psi (10)Dual FuelHamworthy
281/10/21/A01Beel Minster (2 off)199920,000lbs (9074)200 psi (13.3)Dual fuelHamworthy
282/10/21/A13Cleaver Brooks (2 off ex-USA)1989, 197021,000lbs (9485)200 psi (13.3) Dual Fuel
283/10/21/A04Danstoker200522,000lbs (9937)270 psi (18) Dual FuelHamworthy
285/10/21/A17Danstoker c/w economiser & WH2013 (unused)25,461lbs (11,500)150 psi (10) Dual FuelWeisthaupt
286/10/21/A33Cochran Thermax (2 off)1997 fully recon 201627,169lbs (12,000)170 psi (11.3)Dual Fuel
287/10/21/A17Cochran Thermax2006 recon 201927,169lbs (12,000)150 psi (10)Dual FuelHamworthy
288/10/21/A17Cochran Thermax2006 recon 202027,169lbs (12,000)150 psi (10)Dual FuelHamworthy
289/10/21/A33Danstoker (2 off c/w economisers & superheaters)200527,169lbs (12,000)265 psi (17.6)Dual Fuel
290/10/21/A13Cleaver-Brooks (ex USA)198728,000lbs (12,647)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
291/10/21/A14Cleaver-Brooks (ex USA)200228,000lbs (12,647)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
292/10/21/A14Superior (ex USA)NEW28,000lbs (12,647)250 psi (16.6)Dual Fuel
293/10/21/A13Cleaver-Brooks (ex USA)198928,000lbs (12,647)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
294/10/21/A13Cleaver-Brooks (ex USA)198528,000lbs (12,647)150 psi (10)Gas
295/10/21/A13Cleaver-Brooks (ex USA)198928,000lbs (12,647)200 psi (13.3)Dual Fuel
296/10/21/A13Cleaver-Brooks (3 off ex USA)1994, rebuilt 200928,000lbs (12,647)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
297/10/21/A13Cleaver-Brooks (ex USA)197028,000lbs (12,647)200 psi (13.3)Dual Fuel
298/10/21/A13Cleaver-Brooks (ex USA)199431,500lbs (14,228)200 psi (13.3)Gas
298a/10/21/A01Cochran Thermax199831,980lbs (14,506)150 psi (10)Dual FuelHamworthy
299/10/21/A13Superior (2 off ex USA)199935,000lbs (15,808)150 psi (10) Dual Fuel
300/10/21/A01Cradley c/w superheater198535,000lbs (15,808)277 psi (19.1) Dual FuelSaacke
301/10/21/A01Ruston Thermax1973 (burner 1998)35,000lbs (15,808)150 psi (10) Dual FuelSaacke
302/10/21/A17Cochran Thermax199835,158lbs (15,880)150 psi (10) Dual FuelHamworthy
303/10/21/A17Loos c/w economiser201135,424lbs (16,000)250 psi (16.6) Dual FuelSaacke
304/10/21/A14Donlee (ex USA)200052,500lbs (23,713)250 psi (16.6) LPG
305/10/21/A13Nebraska (ex USA)199660,000lbs (27,100)350 psi (23.3) Gas
306/10/21/A04HKB Ketelbou (2 off)200363,099lbs (28,500)335 psi (22.3) Dual Fuel
307/10/21/A14Nebraska (ex USA) 199670,000lbs (31,617)300 psi (20)Dual Fuel
308/10/21/A14Cleaver-Brooks (ex USA) 201370,000lbs (31,617)400 psi (26.6)Gas
309/10/21/A14Babcock & Wilcox (ex USA) 201075,000lbs (33,875)750 psi (50)Dual Fuel
310/10/21/A14Babcock & Wilcox (ex USA) 201275,000lbs (33,875)750 psi (50)Dual Fuel
311/10/21/A14Babcock & Wilcox (ex USA) 201475,000lbs (33,875)750 psi (50)Gas
312/10/21/A14Babcock & Wilcox (ex USA) 201875,000lbs (33,875)750 psi (50)Dual Fuel
313/10/21/A14Babcock & Wilcox (ex USA) 201275,000lbs (33,875)750 psi (50)Gas
314/10/21/A14Nebraska (ex USA) 199375,000lbs (33,875)350 psi (23.3)Dual Fuel
315/10/21/A14Babcock & Wilcox (ex USA) NEW75,000lbs (33,875)750 psi (50)Gas
316/10/21/A14Babcock & Wilcox (2 off ex USA) 2002/200475,000lbs (33,875)750 psi (50)Dual Fuel
317/10/21/A14Nebraska (ex USA) 199880,000lbs (36,134)250 psi (16.6)Dual Fuel
318/10/21/A14Cleaver-Brooks (ex USA)201582,500lbs (37,263)350 psi (23.3)Dual Fuel
319/10/21/A14Nebraska (ex USA)200582,500lbs (37,263)350 psi (23.3)Dual Fuel
320/10/21/A14Nebraska (ex USA)201082,500lbs (37,263)350 psi (23.3)Dual Fuel
321/10/21/A14Superior (ex USA)2019100,000lbs (45,167)399 psi (26.6)Gas
322/10/21/A14Babcock & Wilcox (ex USA)2016110,000lbs (49,684)750 psi (50)Gas
323/10/21/A14Babcock & Wilcox (ex USA)2016125,000lbs (56,,459)750 psi (50)Gas
324/10/21/A14Babcock & Wilcox c/w economiser (ex USA)NEW200,000lbs (90,334)750 psi (50)Dual Fuel

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Ref. No. Make Year Output bthus. (KW) Fuel Burner
325/10/21/A19Wanson 1996822,500 bthus (235KW)Gas/LPG

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Ref. No. Make Year Output bthus. (KW) Pressure psi (bar) Fuel Burner
326/10/21/A01Remeha HE Condensing (2 off)42,000 - 420,000 bthus (12-120KW)90 psi (6)Gas
327/10/21/A01Range Powermax 157 Combi (2 off)53,000bthus (15.5KW)43 psi (2.9)LPG
328/10/21/A01Kalvis 2-20 (2 off unused)68,280 bthus (20KW)22 psi (1.4)Solid Fuel
329/10/21/A01De Dietrich (30 litre)94,500-115,500 bthus (27-33KW)No Burner
330/10/21/A01Strebel water storage 400 litres (3 off)95,592 bthus (28KW)Gas
331/10/21/A01Kalvis (unused)102,420 bthus (30KW)22 psi (1.4)Solid Fuel
332/10/21/A01Hoval116,076 bthus (34KW)90 psi (6)Gas
333/10/21/A01Boss Water Heater2017129,390 bthus (37.9KW)Gas
334/10/21/A01Lochinvar 300CE181,000 bthus (53KW)150 psi (10)Gas
335/10/21/A01A O Smith BFC Cyclone 3,condensing194,500 bthus (57KW)116 psi (8)Gas
337/10/21/A01Beeston Bisley 7/137 (2 off)1994467,500 bthus (137KW)58psi (3.9)Gas
338/10/21/A01Ideal Harrier GTS477,9600 bthus (140KW)87psi (6)GasNu-Way
339/10/21/A01MHS Regency (2 x 71.6KW containerised)1997488,000 bthus (143KW)72 psi (5)Gas
340/10/21/A01SR1987500,000 bthus (146KW)OilNu-Way
341/10/21/A23Dryair 2100-180-EU (5 off)NEW521,500 bthus (149KW)Oil
342/10/21/A23Dryair 2100-180-EU (2 off, trailer mounted)521,500 bthus (149KW)Oil
343/10/21/A01Hoval2001560,000 bthus (160KW)45 psi (3)Gas
344/10/21/A01Hoval Cosmos2002597,450 bthus (175KW)87psi (5.8)GasGiersch
345/10/21/A01Hoval SR600 (2 off)1987600,000 bthus (176.2KW)65psi (4.3)GasNu-Way
346/10/21/A01Allen Ygnis1979650,000 bthus (186KW)65 psi (4.3)Gas
347/10/21/A15Hargassner (ex New Zealand)2010678,988 bthus (199KW)45 psi (3)Wood
348/10/21/A01MHS Regency (3 x 71.6KW containerised)1997734,000 bthus (215KW)72 psi (5)Gas
349/10/21/A23Dryair CHM2100-240-EUNEW773,500 bthus (221KW)Oil
350/10/21/A23Dryair CHM2100-240-EU (3 off, trailer mounted)773,500 bthus (221KW)Oil
351/10/21/A01Kayanson1992787,500 bthus (225KW)150 psi (10)Gas
352/10/21/A01Hoval19931 mill bthus (286KW)50 psi (3.3)GasNu-Way
353/10/21/A01Allen Ygnis19771 mill bthus (286KW)65 psi (4.3)Dual FuelNu-Way
354/10/21/A01Remeha P300 19951.13 mill bthus (331KW)60psi (4)OilGP MFP6-Eco
355/10/21/A01Allen Ygnis (2 off, burners 2007)1980/811.22 mill bthus (350KW)65 psi (4.4)GasNu-Way
356/10/21/A01Hoval 19871.25 mill bthus (357KW)40 psi (2.7)OilNu-Way
357/10/21/A01Hoval (3 off)19931.31 mill bthus (385KW)65 psi (4.3)GasNu-Way
358/10/21/A01Roca19961.5 mill bthus (428KW)70 psi (5)GasRiello
359/10/21/A01Hoval 19781.6 mill bthus (460KW)50 psi (3.3)Gas
360/10/21/A01Allen Ygnis19821.6 mill bthus (460KW)150 psi (10)GasRadiant Superjet
361/10/21/A01B&E 19742 mill bthus (571KW)65 psi (4.3)GasNu-Way
362/10/21/A01Allen Ygnis 19732 mill bthus (571KW)65 psi (4.3)Oil
363/10/21/A01Allen Ygnis19692 mill bthus (571KW)65 psi (4.3)OilNu-Way
364/10/21/A01Allen Ygnis19772 mill bthus (571KW)65 psi (4.3)OilNu-Way
365/10/21/A01Roca (3 off) 1994, 19962 mill bthus (571KW)70 psi (5)GasRiello
366/10/21/A01Hoval 19932 mill bthus (571KW)50 psi (3.3)GasNu-Way
367/10/21/A01Allen Ygnis (2 off) 1971 (burners 2002)2 mill bthus (571KW)60 psi (4)GasNu-Way
368/10/21/A01Allen Ygnis 19772 mill bthus (571KW)Oil & Gas
369/10/21/A04Cochran Clansman19942 mill bthus (571KW)Gas
370/10/21/A01Kayanson (2 off) 19932,000.604 bthus (586KW)65 psi (4.5)No burner
371/10/21/A01Robey Ygnette 20032.04 mill bthus (600KW)65 psi (4.5)GasNu-Way
372/10/21/A01Bongioanni (3 off containerised) 2.082 mill bthus (610KW)72 psi (5)Gas
373/10/21/A01Hartley & Sugden 19992.082 mill bthus (610KW)72 psi (5)Gas
374/10/21/A01Roca 19952.3 mill bthus (657KW)70 psi (5)GasRiello
375/10/21/A01Viessmann (2 off)19962.5 mill bthus (714KW)58 psi (4)GasWeishaupt
376/10/21/A01Bradlee19892.5 mill bthus (714KW)105 psi (7)No burner
377/10/21/A20Babcock Wanson 7302016 (unused)2.55 mill bthus (730KW)Gas
378/10/21/A01Allen Ygnis19912.75 mill bthus (786KW)80 psi (5.3)Dual FuelDunphy
379/10/21/A01Allen Ygnis (2 off) 19912.75 mill bthus (786KW)80 psi (5.3)GasDunphy
380/10/21/A02ICI Caldaie ASX800 20092.8 mill bthus (800KW)90 psi (6)Oil
381/10/21/A01Hoval Cosmos 850 (2 off) 20022.9 mill bthus (850KW)87 psi (5.8)GasNu-Way
382/10/21/A15Taymal (2 off ex New Zealand) 19893.08 mill bthus (880KW)Coal
383/10/21/A01Hartley & Sugden (2 off) 19853.15 mill bthus (900KW)65 psi (4.3)GasNu-Way
384/10/21/A15Beecroft (ex New Zealand) 20043.15 mill bthus (900KW)Coal
385/10/21/A01Allen Ygnis 19913.25 mill bthus (950KW)80 psi (5.3)GasDunphy
386/10/21/A01Hoval 19983.25 mill bthus (950KW)108 psi (7.2)GasNu-Way
387/10/21/A01Ygnis 3.25 mill bthus (950KW)65 psi (4.5)GasNu-Way
388/10/21/A01Hoval19913.5 mill bthus (1000KW)65 psi (4.3)Dual Fuel
389/10/21/A01ICI Caldaie (containerised, 5 off)20023.85 mill bthus (1100KW)135 psi (9)Oil
390/10/21/A01Allen Ygnis (2 off)19774 mill bthus (1160KW)65 psi (4.3)Heavy OilNu-Way
391/10/21/A01Wellman Ygnette (2 off)2011, 20125.121 mill bthus (1500KW)78 psi (5.2)GasNu-Way
392/10/21/A04Cochran Clansman (containerised, 2 off)20157 mill bthus (2000KW)Oil
393/10/21/A01Caldaie20027.122 mill bthus (2035KW)135 psi (9)Oil
394/10/21/A01Robey Lincoln19787.5 mill bthus (2202KW)150 psi (10)Dual FuelSaacke
395/10/21/A01Allen YgnisRetubed 20118 mill bthus (2286KW)65 psi (4.5)No burner
396/10/21/A01Allen Ygnis8 mill bthus (2286KW)78 psi (5.2)Dual FuelNu-Way
397/10/21/A01Ygnis (2 off)19948 mill bthus (2286KW)150 psi (10)Dual Fuel
398/10/21/A01Ygnis1994(new burner 2011)8 mill bthus (2286KW)150 psi (10)GasNu-Way
399/10/21/A01Robey 198610 mill bthus (2857KW)80 psi (5.3)Dual FuelSaacke
400/10/21/A01Robey Lincoln 197812 mill bthus (3524KW)150 psi (10)Dual FuelSaacke
401/10/21/A15Babcock & Wilcox (ex New Zealand) 198514.3 mill bthus (4200KW)150 psi (10)GasWeishaupt
402/10/21/A15Scotts (ex New Zealand) 199817.06 mill bthus (5000KW)150 psi (10)GasNu-Way
403/10/21/A01Cochran Thermax (2 off) 200427.312 mill bthus (8000KW)72 psi (5)Dual FuelHamworthy
404/10/21/A22Bosch Unimat 2018 (unused)31.5 mill bthus (9000KW)90 psi (6)GasWeisaupt

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